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 STATUS QUO - Special Edition EP

Are You Growing Tired of my love, Technicolour Dreams, et Spinning Wheel Blues... 9 minutes

+ bonus d'autres groupes...

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 Famous in the Last Century  ; Old Time Rock and Roll   ; Way Down    ; Rave On  ; Roll over Beethoven   ; When I'm Dead and Gone         Memphis Tennessee   ; Sweet Home Chicago        ; Crawling from the Wreckage        ; Good Golly Miss Molly        ; Claudette        ; Rock'N Me        ; Hound Dog        ; Runaround Sue        ; Once Bitten Twice Shy        ; Mony Mony        ; Famous in the Last Century (Reprise) 

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concert filmé pour les 25 ans du groupe a Minehead (uk)...90mn

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1. Caroline
2. Down Down
3. Paper Plane
4. Big Fat Mama
5. Roll Over Lay Down
6. Don't Waste My Time
7. Little Lady
8. Mystery Song
9. Rain
10. Break The Rules
11. Somethin 'Bout You Baby I Like
12. Hold You Back
13. Rockin' All Over The World
14. Whatever You Want
15. Don't Drive My Car
16. Again And Again
17. Forty Five Hundred Times
18. All Stand Up
19. Jam Side Down
20. Creepin' Up On You
21. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
22. In My Chair
23. Gerdundula
24. Wild Side Of Life
25. Rock n' Roll
26. What You're Proposin'
27. Ol' Rag Blues
28. The Wanderer
29. Livin On An Island
30. Runaway
31. A Mess Of Blues
32. Marguerita Time
33. Rollin' Home
34. In The Army Now
35. When You Walk In The Room
36. Burning Bridges
37. Fun Fun Fun
38. Old Time Rock and Roll
39. Anniversary Waltz Part 1 (Medley)
40. Anniversary Waltz Part 2 (Medley)

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Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World
Status Quo – Caroline

et beaucoup d'autres groupes...

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des critiques et des morceaux relativement rares...

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Documentaire: 1hr 18mins

Ce nouveau document filmé propose l'histoire definitive de Status Quo depuis leurs debuts jusqu'a l'enregistrement de leur nouvel album The Party Ain't Over Yet... Ce dvd propose des interviews de chaque membre du groupe concenrant les autres membres...

Archive : 1hr 15mins
1.Technicolour Dreams (promo 1968)
2.Down The Dustpipe (promo 1970)
3.Tune To The Music (promo 1971)
Live at Wembley Empire Pool 1974 :
4. Big Fat Mama
5 & 6. Backwater/Just Take Me
7. Roll Over Lay Down
8. Don't Waste My Time
Live at Birmingham NEC 1982:
9. Forty Five Hundred Times
10. Someone Show Me Home (promo 1978)
11. Let Me Fly (promo 1978)
12. Burning Bridges (promo 1988)
Live Night of the Proms 1999:
13. Whatever You Want
14. In the Army Now
15. Rocking All Over The World

'Quo on the Street' - 30mins
Montage audacieux de scenes tirées de l'excellente serie pure british "Coronation street" Le mariage de deux institution britannique que sont Status Quo et "Coronation street" incluant des interviews de membres de l'equipe accompagnant le groupe tout au long des tournées....

Outtakes - 18mins
Montage d'enregistrements divers et inédits, de passages privés, d'enregistrements "sur la route..."

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Caroline', 'Something Bout You Baby' / 'Don't Waste My Time' / '45 Hundred Times' / 'Rain' / 'Hold Ya Back' / 'All Stand Up'/'Never Say Never' / 'The Oriental' / 'Creeping Up' / Medley: 'Mystery Song', 'Railroad', 'Most Of The Time', 'Wild Side Of Life', 'Rolling Home', 'Again And Again', 'Slow Train' / 'Bella Vista Man' / 'The Party Ain't Over Yet' / 'Gerdundula' / 'Roll Over Lay Down' / 'Down Down' / 'Whatever You Want' / 'Rockin' All Over The World' / Medley: 'Proposing', 'Down The Dust Pipe', 'Rockers Rolling', 'Red Sky', 'Dear John', 'Break The Rules' / 'Burning Bridges' / 'Bye Bye'.

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Four features including a specially filmed programme from 2002 which includes live tracks and interviews, a live concert from German TV in 1970, a live concert from 1982, and the TOTP2 special from 2000 which celebrated the career of the rock giants.